Landscaping & Irrigation

This is the page to find out information about landscaping and irrigation.  If you have a question or concern that is not addressed here, please send us an email at

Landscaping (updated 6/28/2021)
It’s that time of year when many of our outdoor spaces are taking on color, new plants are emerging, and others are showing missing plantings.  Many homeowners are helping us keep our gardens and green areas looking great and that help is very much appreciated.  

Please remember that our outdoor spaces are community spaces, so changes to garden plants, mulch, soil coverings, etc need to be approved by the HOA Board and the Cotton Ranch DRC.   We want to ensure that any changes are consistent with the look of the total community.  Before updating outdoor spaces, please drop the Board an
email to let us know your plans. We will weigh in to assure the plans are consistent with the community look.  By dropping us an email we can avoid unnecessary effort to undo your work.  

Guidance on Landscaping
Let the Board know if you are planning to :
- Replace or add annuals. We will ask you help by pulling them out at end of season.
- Replace or add perennials.  We will ask that you choose perennials that add color throughout the season.
- Convert mulch area to rock. We will ask that plantings and watering lines not be disturbed and the rock is consistent with other rock in the Villas (size, color).
- Moving water drip lines.  We will ask to understand the changes as we will need to involve our irrigation contractor.  Please note, irrigation lines are under the Metro Water District control, and we need to recognize cost of watering.
- if you have any question or idea, please
email us the details.  Growing season is short, so we will respond within a day.

Let's keep it nice
Please keep your pets on leash and out of the planters.  Also, please pick up after your pet.

Irrigation (updated 6/25/2021)
Here will be information about irrigation service schedules and tips to help keep the community looking nice.

Irrigation issue?
Broken sprinkler?  Water not on?  Other irrigation issue?

Have an issue, then send us an email.  Give us a location, description of the issue, and snap a picture to attach to the email, please. We will work with the contractor to resolve.  

See below for the planned irrigation maintenance schedule.  If the issue can wait, then it will be handled during the planned maintenance, if not, we will determine a course of action to resolve.

Planned irrigation maintenance schedule

  • System Start-up 5/3/2022

  • System Checks will be announced when scheduled.

  • System Winterized will occur in October

Water is a valuable and significant cost resource
During the hottest part of the season, we will see plantings and turf stressed.  The reality is we will have to manage our water usage and accept that we live in an arid region.  We will work with the irrigation district and the landscape contractor to steward our water resources and maintain our landscape during hot, dry periods.