Challenge with Pigeons

As many of you are aware, some from living with it to others seeing the results, the Villas have pigeons roosted on some of the buildings.


Below, we are providing photos to show the extent of the issue.  While not every unit has the same level of problem, pigeons, if left unabated, will become widespread in the community.  They are a nuisance, their droppings, and their activity create both public health issues and property damage.  

In response to homeowner requests, the HOA has been working with homeowners and third-party companies to better understand the options available to the community.  Here, you will find some additional information of why this is a developing problem and the option available to homeowners that the Board believes is the best value and addresses the pigeon issue.  It will be the homeowner responsibility to pay the cost per their unit, should they opt in.  


Through this effort, the HOA has identified three levels of action to take.  They are:

  1. Live trapping and removal of the pigeons,

  2. Removal and clean-up of pigeon activity on the buildings, and

  3. Abatement to prevent pigeons returning (blocking access beneath solar panels, spikes and netting that will be done in accordance with architectural standards).


The HOA has funds available to:

  1. Trap and remove the pigeons, 

  2. Limit homeowner out of pocket costs to no more than $250 for cleaning activity, and

  3. It will be the responsibility of the homeowner to pay for the abatement actions should they opt in, the third action level.  


The HOA is scheduling an informational ZOOM meeting for the community on Wednesday, May 12, 2021, from 6:30pm to 7:30pm. The Board will discuss the issue, why it needs resolution, the process to develop the option presented, and the option the homeowner has to either opt in or opt out.  


The Board will be clear that if the homeowner does not opt in at this time and in the future, they decide or it is deemed by the HOA covenants that pigeons have roosted on that unit, then the homeowner(s) will need to take action.  By opting in now, homeowners will likely save money, reduce the chance that pigeons will roost, and assure a professional installation that is architecturally in conformance with the community.  


We know you will have questions and look forward to addressing them at the community meeting on Wednesday the 12th.  If you are unsure that you will attend and have questions, please submit them to  Following the meeting, the HOA will send out the questions, discussions, and answers to help you with your decision.

We will ask you to commit and pay the bill no later than May 28th. 


ZOOM information

Time: May 12, 2021 18:30 Mountain Time (US and Canada)


Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 943 0073 2522

Passcode: 253351

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Estimated Homeowner Cost

The information below provides an estimate of the total cost per unit.  The cost is based on the work required for each home.  These are the costs the homeowner will be responsible to pay should they opt in.
Bird exclusion - installation of deterrents such as spikes and netting, that are consistent with the architectural features of the units.
Solar panels - Installation or repair to block access under the solar panels.
Sanitation - removing nests and cleaning droppings from the unit.