Located on the western end of the Eagle Valley, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, in the town of Gypsum Colorado

Please Note:

Short Term Rentals are NOT allowed at The Villas at Cotton Ranch. 


Update: 09/01/2021

Villas at Cotton Ranch Events

​​   ​​​

  • House Staining (Mid Sept. 2021)

10-28 Lynx Circle

74-88 Lynx Circle

  • Stucco Painting (Mid Sept. 2021)

62-74 Black Bear

  • House Painting (Mid Sept. 2021)

94 - 92 Black Bear

Community Events

Town Council Meetings take place in the Council Chambers on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM. 

Town Council Meetings take place in the Council Chambers on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM.


Sept. 18th 2021 4PM

@ 30 Lynx Circle Driveway

Oct. 9th 1PM 


  • Consider volunteering  

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Update: 09/07/2021

HOA Executive Board


2021 Board Meetings

SEPT 11th

Time: 10:30am

Location: Second Floor

Conference Room

Gypsum Creek Golf Course Clubhouse

Click here for Agenda

DEC 4th

Time: 10:30am 

Location: TBD

What happens with my email when I write the Board?

As community members and representatives, all three Board members see the email and we try to respond within about a day. With schedules and depending on the question, we may need additional time to respond.

When we respond, we sign as the Board because we speak with one voice.  We support our neighbors and are committed to the best interest of our community.

Landscape Fix Needed?

If a sprinkler head is broken or your unit require a special fix/attendance, please contact the board via email asap. We will then relay the message to the appropriate landscape contractor. Thank you!



Update: 09/01/2021 

Irrigation Maintenance


Tech will be onsite week of Sept. 6th.

Please email us a picture if you are aware an irrigation issue.

Per contract the next maintenance visit will be early Sept., so please let us know now!



As the Board noted in the 6/12 Executive Board meeting, we are in the position to manage all the landscaping now.  And we are.


The Board is working with the landscaping contractor on many fronts.  We are getting weeding done, fixing irrigation systems, and assuring our plantings can thrive. Hopefully, you have seen change occur this week already.  We are committed to supporting a community that looks well kept and inviting.  


We have a webpage devoted to landscaping and irrigation under the INFO and EVENTS tab above.  Check it out.  

It is a work in progress, so check back periodically.


If the webpage does not address your question, send us an email. We will work with the appropriate landscape contractor and resolve. Thank you!



Please keep your pets on leash when out and about.  Also, please assure you are cleaning up after them and not letting them into planting beds.  We are working to assure landscaping is improved and controlling your pets and cleaning up after them helps the effort.

Attention Residents!

The message below from the Eagle County Sheriff's office applies to cars parked on Lynx Circle as well. A car that is parked and blocking the sidewalk is in violation of the town's ordinance.

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