Located on the western end of the Eagle Valley, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, in the town of Gypsum Colorado

Please Note:

Short Term Rentals are NOT allowed at The Villas at Cotton Ranch. 


Update: 05/02/2021

Villas at Cotton Ranch Events

  • Memorial Day Celebration    

Sunday May 30th @ Public Platform​


  • Driveway Sealing (Spring 2021)

82-98 Lynx Circle

10-34 Lynx Circle


  • House Staining (Fall 2021)

10-28 Lynx Circle

74-88 Lynx Circle

  • Stucco Painting (Fall 2021)

62-74 Black Bear

Town of Gypsum Events

  • 4th of July Celebration

with Town of Eagle


  • Gypsum Daze

July 16-17 2021

Breakfast, Car Shows, Run/Walk, Contests, Concerts, and more!


  • Consider volunteering  

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For More Upcoming Events!  

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Update: 04/21/2021

HOA Executive Board


VCR Community Meeting

Pigeon Challenges and Solutions

May 12th

Time: 6:30pm

Click here for information about the issue and ZOOM information

2021 Board Meetings

JUNE 12th

Time: 10:30am

Location: TBD

SEPT 18th

Time: 10:30am

Location: TBD

DEC 4th

Time: 10:30am 

Location: TBD

Landscape Fix Needed?

If a sprinkler head is broken or your unit require a special fix/attendance, please contact the board via email asap. We will then relay the message to the appropriate landscape contractor. Thank you!



Update: 05/02/2021 

Survey Results

Thanks to all who completed the survey. Your participation helps the HOA and the community.

Click here for a link to the results from the recent community survey 


Pigeon Mitigation

We have been working on options to mitigate pigeons in the community.  On May 12th at 6:30pm, we will have a community meeting (see the notice to the left).  


At that meeting we will be sharing our findings.  

Click here for a link to information about the issue and meeting call in details.   

A little trash talk

Especially for those who place their trash bins at the Lynx Circle cul-de-sac, please assure you leave room for drivers to get into their homes.  This is not a ten-pin bowling lane. ;-)  And since all the bins look the same, consider putting your home number on your bin. 

62 Lynx Circle is missing their trash bin. It has an Oklahoma Oil Kings sticker on it. Please return it to its rightful owner if you took it for yours by mistake.

Attention Villas at Cotton Ranch residents!

The message below from the Eagle County Sheriff's office applies to cars parked on Lynx Circle as well. Two cars parked in front of each other blocking the sidewalk is in violation of the town's ordinance.

View the email in your browser

Covid-19 Vaccine

One of the resources available for residents to be placed on list for vaccine. Fill out the Google form and submit.  

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