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Located on the western end of the Eagle Valley, in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, in the town of Gypsum Colorado

Upcoming Events

Villas at Cotton Ranch Events

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2023 VCR HOA Annual Board Meeting

Saturday February 4 10:00 am

Creekside Grill (upper level)

Meeting Proxy


Zoom Meeting Info


Please Note:
Short Term Rentals are NOT allowed at The Villas at Cotton Ranch. 

Contact Us

HOA Executive Board


Monica Kryzer


Henry McCann


Craig Arthur Brown

Contact the board at the email below:

What happens with my email when I write the Board?

As community members and representatives, all three Board members see the email and we try to respond within about a day. With schedules and depending on the question, we may need additional time to respond.

When we respond, we sign as the Board because we speak with one voice.  We support our neighbors and are committed to the best interest of our community.


Trash Bins

Please place your trash bins street side of the grass median.  For those of us on Lynx Circle cul-de-sac, please assure the bins do not block the drive.


The message below from the Eagle County Sheriff's office applies to cars parked on Lynx Circle as well.

A car that is parked and blocking the sidewalk is in violation of the town's ordinance.

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Important News

Ski Equipment


While winter is one of our four favorite seasons at the Villas, the HOA reminds everyone about a common winter hazard and your responsibility to stay safe.


VCR HOA Fees pay for snow clearing from streets and sidewalks each winter, but VCR HOA cannot and is not responsible if you slip, slide, or fall. We all know it hurts to fall and risk breaking something. So please consider the following:

  1. Do you need to go out, consider letting the sun do a little work first

  2. If you go out, consider cleats, there are many to choose from online and at local stores

  3. If there are icy spots, do what penguins do and waddle, keeping your center of gravity over your feet as you walk

  4. REMEMBER, we live in snow country and icy conditions can exist anywhere


VCR HOA is also aware of some notorious areas for icing and have and will continue to let the Town of Gypsum know about them.




In order to comply with Cotton Ranch regulations, households are limited to 2 dogs or 3 domestic pets. Present homeowners are grandfathered in until such time as they can comply. Please keep your pets on leash when out and about.  Also, please assure you are cleaning up after them and not letting them into planting beds.  We are working to assure landscaping is improved and controlling your pets and cleaning up after them helps the effort.

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